News... 12-26-12 We’ve updated the website using our new design software.  Let us know if we can help update your site, as well. 12-25-12 Have a Safe & Merry Christmas! 3-18-11 We've completely re-designed our webpage.  We would like to hear your opinions on our new look.  Feel free to comment on our feedback page. 6-17-10  Don't let the lack of news fool you, we have been here all along, working hard for our clients.  Sundance CSC has grown significantly, but we remain focused on what we do best, fulfilling our clients' computer and networking needs.  Do you need a super-fast and reliable backup solution for your important photos, email or business data?  Do you want a friendly, honest and capable technician at your door, ready to assist you?  We offer honest work at an honest rate.  In a small town, reputation matters.  Your satisfaction is our best advertising, and we know it.  We look forward to assisting you with any and all of your electronic needs! 3-20-05  *No longer available* The CD Duplication Pricing schedule is now posted on our site.   Our first run of 500 CDs is complete and the quality is impressive. 2-22-05  *Special Request Only* New Services Available!!!  We recently purchased a professional CD production system, allowing us to provide professional CD duplication and printing directly to CD at 4800dpi!!!  Call or email us for a CD production pricing schedule. 2-20-05  Links Page Added!!!  In order to support our friends in business, I have added a links page and will continue to expand this page, which contains links to recommended local area businesses. 1-8-05  Feedback Forms Operational!!!  With some permissions help from Personal Computer's Randall, the forms are working and I can receive comments from visitors.  The sign for our store is completed and up, so people can tell where we are.  Come in and visit. 1-7-05  Website Expanded!!!  We expanded our website to include service and product descriptions.  I am hoping to offer product pages, including individual item pictures and descriptions.  Here is a sample of the product pages soon to come. 1-5-05  Sundance Computer Service Center is born!!!  We purchased our website domain,, and our e-mail addresses.  We wasted no time in offering you a website detailing our mission and company profile.  We also received our order of 19 inch monitors and CPU fans, expanding our growing inventory.  I was very pleased with the high-quality Samsung monitors. Sundance Computer Service Center now offers web- design & consultation. If you like the new look of our website and would like some assistance in updating or creating your own, let us know.  We’re happy to help. Click the links below to view examples of our recent work: Web Changes  This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first. Copyright 2013 Sundance Computer Service Center Copyright 2013 Sundance Computer Service Center